Thursday, 18 March 2010

Investment Pieces & The Shopping Fund

After [another] long absence (I blame third year uni work) I'm back!

Like many women out there, I have a fund. A shopping fund. I put a bit of money away whenever I can to save up for those investment pieces that will be fashion classics. My latest fund is for the Chanel 2.55, I have been longing for this bag for bloody ages! But due to my trip to Tokyo, the Chanel fund is back to square one. But soon I hope to hope this little beauty in my arms...

(I sound a little obsessed... I know... I am.)

And after this purchase I have already thought about my next fund, it has to be a Mulberry. I'm yearning after the Alexa bag at the moment, this could change, depending on how long it takes for me to save up that is!

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